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LightReach Energy Plans: Overview
LightReach Energy Plans: Overview
LightReach Energy Plans: Overview
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Introducing our flagship financing products: LightReach Energy Plans.

Taking the form of an Equipment Lease ("Lease") or Power Purchase Agreement ("PPA"), LightReach Energy Plans provide the homeowner with a predictable energy savings product with no upfront costs.

The LightReach Energy Plan provides simplicity to the homeowner by providing:

  1. The benefits of discounted power, plus....

  2. Added simplicity through a predictable monthly payment based on average monthly production, and...

  3. Our most robust Protect package, features a 25-year, 90% production guarantee*.

In the LightReach Energy Plan (Lease or PPA), LightReach owns the system, and covers all warranties and maintenance. This means no cost to the homeowner to service the solar system over the life of the agreement.

*90% Production guarantee applicable in all markets with the exception of FL due to state regulatory requirements.

Homeowners receive peace of mind knowing their system is covered from multiple angles:

  • Energy Rate: Their LightReach Energy Plan is a savings product & is priced at a discount to their current utility energy rates (PPA) or monthly bill (lease)

  • Protect: Our most robust coverage features 25-year extended warranties on all hardware, 24/7 production & consumption monitoring, and pre-emptive maintenance, at no cost to the homeowner.

  • Production Guarantee: Included in all* Protect packages, is a 25 Year, 90% production Guarantee.

*90% Production guarantee applicable in all markets with the exception of FL due to state regulatory requirements.

By EPCs, for EPCs: Our milestones are designed with operations personnel in mind, with direct input from EPCs across the country. The platform was built to provide a simple and straightforward experience for sales and operations.

To view specific milestone breakdowns, navigate to the Operations section of this help center or keyword search "milestones".

Supported adders:

  • MPU/Electrical Upgrades

  • Storage (available in select markets)

While other adders are not directly supported in LightReach pricing, we do not expressly prohibit other items needed to make the home ready (reroof, tree removal, etc).

Available Now

Launching Soon

  1. Arizona (Lease)

  2. California PPA (+Lease in LADWP)

  3. Georgia

  4. Massachusetts

  5. Nevada

  6. Pennsylvania

  7. Texas

  8. New Jersey

  9. Connecticut

  10. Florida (Lease)

  11. North Carolina (Lease)

  12. Maine

  13. New Hampshire

  14. Kansas (Lease)

  15. Colorado

  16. New Mexico

  17. Ohio

  18. Michigan

  19. Oklahoma (Lease)

  20. Maryland

  21. Rhode Island

  22. Illinois

Launch order may vary

  • Vermont

  • Missouri (Lease)

  • Arkansas (Lease)

  • New York (Lease)

  • Minnesota (Lease)

  • South Carolina (*Lease) - Pending state regulatory updates

  • Oregon

*LightReach's current product suite is centered around the Energy Plan product, which takes the form of a PPA or Lease, but functions ostensibly the same. This means that the value proposition and product details are generally interchangeable. In most markets, the product is a PPA. However, to be compliant with certain state-specific laws and regulatory requirements, the product takes the form of a Lease agreement in some markets.


Homeowner purchase options


Homeowner pre-payment options:


PPA vs Lease difference?

PPA is: (1) price on a discount to the per kWh rate, (2) Homeowner is buying power based on the per kWh rate from the solar system (3) has a production guarantee (4) Annual Solar system production is forecasted out for 25 years and provided as exhibit in the customer agreement (5) Annual escalator is applied to the per kWh rate prior to start of new calendar year

Lease is: (1) priced on a discount to the MONTHLY utility bill, (2) Homeowner is leasing the solar system, (3) production guarantee (in most markets), (4) Annual solar system production is outlined in the lease agreement (5) Annual escalator is applied to the monthly solar lease (not the per kWh rate)
Both products provide savings to current utility consumption rates in states where offered, use per kWh x forecasted production to get to a monthly cost.


Transfer or Home Sale Process?



View "Co-Applicants" article.


Welcome call requirements?

Currently, LR does not have any welcome call. However, ID validation is required at point of sale. Additionally, LR reserves the right to contact (or request a recording from the Installer) any new homeowner to validate basic information such as contact, contract understanding, etc.
Typically, LR completes random sampling as part of our quality assurance purposes.


Credit check soft vs hard check?

All Energy Plans feature a soft credit check. This means that there is no impact to the homeowner's credit score. Additionally, the PPA does not report as debt. Therefore, there is no consequence to simply seeing if a homeowner is qualified.


Is storage permitted?

Yes, within the scope of current rate sheets. However, LightReach does not warranty on Storage in most markets. Reference AVL for approved brands.

In select utilities, storage-specific pricing may be available. Consult with your LightReach Success Manager to coordinate.


Protect Coverage?

Protect offers LightReach customers peace of mind through extended warranties and proactive performance monitoring. Benefits include:

  • 90% Production guarantee

  • 25 Year panel + Inverter warranty

  • 10 Year Worksmanship + Roof penetration warranty

  • Remote troubleshooting, service alerts, and dedicated support


What is the Max System Price?

The max system price is $150,000, and deals sold higher are subject to review.

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